Recycled Polyester / PET

Recycled PET


Polyester is one of the most recyclable fabrics. Reusing PET bottles and turning them into fibers that can then be used to sew new clothes is a milestone in the fight for environment protection.


It’s all about the origin


rPET is a polyester fabric derived from recycled PET bottles, i.e. those in which liquids are sold – water, milk, juices. Bottles are made from polyester that is then recovered in the recycling process. That’s why it is so important to sort waste – its proper segregation gives waste a chance for a second life.



Production under scrutiny


The recycling process is based on the processing of plastic from bottles into fibers. First, the packages are sorted, washed and dried, and then squashed with the extruder into plastic flakes. Flakes are then treated mechanically and turned into the polyester fibers that very closely resemble wool. In the next step the fibers are trimmed and processed into yarns. The yarn is then woven into the fabric. And that is how the path of plastic "from the bottle to the clothes" is completed.




Features that matter

Polyester is not a natural fabric – there’s no need to say it. However, there are situations when we do need light, quick-drying and durable fibers – and this is all rPET is about. Clothes made of this fabric keep their original shape even after many washes. rPET is also rainproof – and that makes it perfect as a base for jackets or sportswear. Polyester from bottles is durable – it is easy to wash and is not decolouration-prone. What’s more, it is highly resistant to abrasion. We made a mess in the world with plastic – now we have to clean it up. Turning unnecessary bottles into useful fabric is the most ecological solution available.



rPET in numbers

Producing recycled PET fibers uses about 80% less energy and 90% less water than making polyester directly from oil.


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