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TencelTM is a lyocell that is certified by the Austrian company Lenzing. We put our bet on trusty fabrics because we know the values that stand behind them.

It’s all about the origin

We choose TencelTM because we know where it comes from. Lenzing-certified lyocell is made from beech wood from sustainably managed forests. What does it mean? Logging does not destroy the ecosystem, because trees do not grow in monocultures (unlike bamboos). In the place of each cut tree, a seed of a new one is planted. The distance between the felling and the processing plant must not exceed 800 kilometers – CO2 emission is therefore significantly reduced.

Tencel TM Lenzing


Production under scrutiny

The TencelTM production is extremely simple and therefore it can be controlled on a constant basis. Wood turns into pulp, which – under the influence of water and a solvent – turns into lyocell. The important thing is that the solvent used is non-toxic and almost entirely reusable.

Features that matter

TencelTM has won us over with his properties too. It is a breathable and light fabric that has thermoregulating featuers – it is appreciated by allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin. It has also antibacterial properties – using it is extremely hygienic. As for its texture, wearing TencelTM is simple pleasure – it is very soft to the touch.

Tencel in numbers

It takes approximately 7000 liters of water to produce one pair of jeans. That equals drinking water supplies for almost 10 years. TencelTM is an ecological version of classic jeans fabric and replaces it perfectly.

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