Eduardo from Colombia

Eco factor: naturally manufactured, burned out and bleed from clay, which is collected from the surrounding rivers in the Armenia region in Colombia 

Eduardo comes from Armenia region in Colombia and together with his family has been involved in traditional jewelery making. It`s history dates to the antient times of the Quimbaya civilisation, which had developed in the western part of Colombia and most probably has its roots in Amazonia.



The ceramic jewelery process making is extremly time consuming. The material from which the jewellery is made is clay collected from the hillsides of the surrounding rivers, than properly prepared, cleaned, dried, bleed  and later burned out in Eduardos`s designed ovens in 1200 Celcius degree temperature. 

In order to create rainbow beads cords Eduardo uses natural pigments such as for example turmeric or egg shells. He keeps on experimenting upon colors! That makes every necklace unique and one of the kind. 

Eduardo also supports single mothers from Armeinia region offering them work at his workshop so they can sustain their familiers with jewlerey making.

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Eduardo charmed us us with his sensitivity and genuine craftsmanship. He is a social worker with artistic soul – thanks to creating jewelry, he gives work to single mothers and supports imprisoned women. We have been working with him for many years – always looking forward to his calls, new photos and exciting ideas for projects.







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