Earrings Wood Circle Black

Product code: 2996

Shipping Time: 3-5 days

  • shape: circle
  • colour: black wood
  • handmade
  • No Waste wood
  • made in Poland


We like it when a small and seemingly inconspicuous accessory becomes the most important element of a look. What is the secret of this solution? It is the proximity to what we, human beings are inseparable with – nature. It is nature that creates the most beautiful jewellery.

Kasia and Mateuszare our favourites in bringing out the best from wood. This time have created a set of earrings that definitely stands out in the jewellery world so rich in patterns and shapes. Kasia and Mateusz creates its sets without using „new” wood.

The craftsmen and KOKOfriends use old furniture, branches and out of use architectural elements to make their designs. Thanks to manual processing the earrings gain unusual shapes, and when impregnated with natural oils, they show how beautiful wood can be. What makes the earrings even more unique is the imagery of the material they are made of.

Oak is a sign of strength and longevity, while the energy of ash helps to know and understand one's own emotions and feelings. Although the design is made of wood, it is pleasant to wear.  With their natural colour, they match perfectly with earth colours look or fabrics of plant origin: cotton or linen.

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