Earrings Wood Triangle Green

Product code: 2999

Shipping Time: 3-5 days

  • shape: triangle
  • colour: wood, green
  • handmade
  • No Waste wood
  • material: wood
  • made in Poland


We like it when a small and seemingly inconspicuous accessory becomes the most important element of a look. What is the secret of this solution? It is the proximity of what we, human beings are inseparable with – nature. It is nature that creates the most beautiful jewellery.

The delicate Wood Triangle earrings are a fusion of oak wood with epoxy resin. The light shines through its green surface. 

You can say what you want, but our impression is that the lightness of this project and the proximity of nature materials that the earrings are made from make the Wood Triangle bring harmony: both to the styling and to the events they participate in.

Jewellery made by Kasia and Mateusz is 100% hand-made. This couple is a master of using wisely the boons our planet has to offer. They use wood from old furniture, branches and dry trees to create their jewellery. Their products are created without interfering with the environment.

Each pair of earrings is unique because of the raw material used and the handwork of their creators. The design is delicate and very feminine. It will go on well with the look for important family gatherings and all those meetings there the atmosphere of peace and warmth is a priority. Earrings go perfectly with dresses or jumpers made from fluid fabrics. When worn with hair tied up they slenderise the neck and highlight collarbones.

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