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We will not remind you how important it is for us to take care of safety now. We will show you, however, that together we are stronger! The pandemic has taught us how to use resources mindfully and share them with others this is how KOKOworld’s masks were created. We are giving them to you, sincerely believing that soon you will no longer need them.


We designed the masks so they cover most of the face and do not make it difficult to speak or wear glasses at the same time. Thanks to their irregular shape (you can pull the fabric over the nose) they adapt the face shape and glasses get no steam.


You already know the Pixel and Botanic prints from our collections and you know that the mission of the masks made of them is not only to protect you. They are colour and optimism injections wherever you go.


Our masks are ecological not only because they are reusable. We made them out of production scraps – we used fabrics that were too small to make clothes out of them. But please remember to wash your masks regularly. It is advisable to scald them and soak them in water and soap before throwing them into the washing machine.


ATTENTION! 10 zloty from the sale of each mask will be donated to the Dajemy Dzieciom Siłę Foundation. We want to support children who, due to the COVID pandemic and remote classes, have to stay at (often violent) homes and due to lack of classes at school have been deprived of, among others, psychological and material help.




Material: 100% Viscose
second material: 100% linen 130 g / m2 "

To decontaminate the mask, wash it in a washing machine after each use:
hand wash after each use
ironing at 110 degrees after each use.
Do not wear wet!

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